Shade Net House

Here, Oswal Hortitech Pvt Ltd comes with new concepts of Shade net house. Instead of polythene, shade nets are used in the structure. Shade net house is more recommended for different kinds of vegetable cultivation and it provides good effects on quality vegetable production. It is also useful for off-season as well as year round cultivation of vegetables and enhancing the growth and productivity of vegetable crops. The size of them varies from 1000 sq. mt to more.


Material used:

  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Special alluminium locking profile to fix covering materials with structure
  • Movable shade nets (Manual/ Motorized)
  • Control system- Manual/ semi automatic/ automatic or fully computerized / weather station as per client requirement.
  • Micro irrigation system
  • Soil media
  • Planting material



Shade Net House


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