Green House


Green houses are new emerging trends in the agriculture world. Here, Oswal Hortitech Pvt Ltd comes with the concept of off season and climate controlled farming of vegetables

Poly House


Poly house is the technique of providing favorable environment to the plants by creating micro environment around the plants and also protect the plants

Net House


Oswal Hortitech Pvt Ltd comes with new concepts of Shade net house. Instead of polythene, shade nets are used in the structure.

Poly Tunnel


Polytunnel construction has remained the same since their inception and has proved reliable, simple and effective.

Micro Irrigation System


By using the micro irrigation system, we can get the 40% more production and also save water.



Plantation makes the greenhouse complete and so that we are doing plantation under the expert supervision.

Plug Farming


India has a benefit of very rich and favorable climate for growing a tremendous amount of quality vegetables, nearly all the year round.So that plug farming system is the best solution for quality seedling productions.

Contract Farming


OHPL has various models of Advanced Agriculture and OHPL also offers “On Demand” solutions for contract farming.

Agronomy Services


OHPL provides different kinds of agronomy services like plantation, water management, disease and pest management etc.



OSWAL HORTITECH PVT. LTD. Manufacturer of Green House & Net House is one of leading Greenhouse manufacturer

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